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How to configure the Standard Peripherals Library for a STM32F098

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Hi all:

I have firmware for a STM32F072RBT6 that uses the Standard Peripherals Library.

I am now considering porting the firmware to a different microcontroller from the family STM32F098. There are 3 of them: STM32F098CC, STM32F098RC and STM32F098VC, but I am looking specifically at the STM32F098RCT6.

The STM32F098 family falls under the general STM32F0xx as far as the Standard Peripherals Library goes. But the latest SPL version 1.5.0 is rather old and does not mention the STM32F098 specifically.

What symbol should I define for this chip?

For the STM32F072RBT6, I am using #define STM32F072 . I looked around, and these are some of this kind of symbols I found:









I could not find any documentation about which symbols I should define for each microcontroller, so it looks like you have to guess. But I wouldn't know which one would be the best one for a STM32F098, because the digit at the end may be more important than one in the middle.

Porting the firmware to STM32Cube HAL would be a lot of work, and the overhead for such a small microcontroller could be a problem.

It may be easier to port to the STM32Cube low-layer (LL) drivers layer (if available for this model), but I would rather avoid it, if I could. The SPL is working well, and the new library does not seem to provide much benefit.

Thanks in advance,



The 'F098 is the same chip as 'F091, but packaged differently (maybe with some internal bonding option, or other sort of configuration, to bypass the internal voltage regulator, expose the NPOR pin, and maybe some other functions) so that's the closest match.


Associate II

Cool, many thanks for your help.