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Hi There, I have the SMBUS example code for STM32L4R5ZI-Nucleo. As per the spec this code should be fully compatible with STM32L496z-Nucleo. However, when I flash the example FW from STM32L4R to STM32L496 the SMBUS functionality does not work.

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There are significant differences between L496 and L4R5. The application source code using HAL may be compatible (because the differences are handled by HAL routines specific to the MCU), but the binaries - rather not.

>>As per the spec this code should be fully compatible with..

That's a bit of a reach. They are quite different. You'll have to pay attention to the details.

Post lacks a lot of detail about pins you're involving or code

Perhaps formulate this as a question, rather than a statement, with enough code in a ZIP or GITHUB to see what it's is you're doing, and why it might be flawed.

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Ah...Okay right that makes more sense now.

I initially tried converting the system workbench examples for the L4R5 MCU, into a .ioc file by copying over the required .c and .h files, but this was still giving me errors despite the .ioc project being for the same MCU.


I have done the reverse migration and the main point to take care was DMAMUX for me. It does not exist in L496.