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Hello, I want to "over-the-air" update an M7 and H7 via an ESP32 but are getting sync failures and Serial timeouts. It's working with M4.


Hello, sorry if this question is in the wrong topic, first post on the STM community.

So i'm working with a solution for updating the firmware on a STM32 M7 microcontroller (NUCLEO-F756ZG). I found a project on Github (ESP32-Musings/OTA_update_STM32_using_ESP32) that flashes the STM32 with an ESP32 over UART. Sorry new users cant link websites.

I tried it with an STM32 M4 (NUCLEO-L476RG) and got good results. The firmware flashes and everything works.

However when trying to do the same with an M7/H7 it fails. Looking at the AN2606 datasheet it says to use PA10(RX), PA9(TX) RESET and GND. My wiring looks like this:


GPIO4(TX) PA10(RX) on CN12

GPIO5(RX) PA9(TX) on CN12

GPIO19 nreset on CN8



The datasheet specifies to use pattern 8 to activate the bootloader. I went in cubeprogrammer and changed BOOT_ADD0(optionbyte) to 0x0040.


I've tried manually pulling BOOT pin to low/high but it doesn't seem to work.

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bkm0eQAA.pngHope i provided sufficient information.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: I see now that the image from CubeProgrammer it says both option bytes are set to 0x0040, but i tried with BOOT_ADD0 to 0x0040, BOOT_ADD1 default and the other way around


The ROM based system loader isn't particularly tolerant to delays and retries. This probably isn't helped tunnelling over a radio link.

The STM32 UART Protocol should be covered by AN3155. Needs 8-bit Odd Parity. If you can't stage the whole image on the ESP32 side, you might want to do this in a staged fashion. ie where you write a small loader into RAM or FLASH, that supports a more capable / tolerant protocol, where several KB can be moved in a self-pacing protocol with it's own flow control. X-MODEM being one of the simplest examples.

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