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Hard Fault detected

Associate III


I am using STM32U575ZIT6 microcontroller. I have created a simple program that turns on several LEDs on the board, but when switching to the non-secure zone, a Hard Fault occurs.

ST Employee

Hi @Istillaga 
Did you program secure or non-secure image first? It could be linked to the programming order.

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Hi @FBL ,

I first programmed the non-secure image. Previously, I managed to get it to work with another program, but it doesn't work with this one. I followed the same steps and nothing. I also configured the option bytes to start from the appropriate addresses.

Associate III

I also get the following message from the debugger: No source available for "<signal handler called>() at 0xffffffa9".

Running a blank program also gives the error, so I suppose it might be some configuration of the option bytes.