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FSMC vs FMC in parallel LCD display i stmF4 series

Associate II

Hello, I have a question about the FSMC and FMC protocols in the F4 series. Well, I have a configured 4" waveshare display configured for FSMC in STM32F407G. Due to lack of space in the flash, I am forced to add memory (I want to do it using QUADSPI, which this MCU does not have). So I decided to switch to STM32F469 which has QUADSPI. The only the problem is that this processor has the FMC protocol instead of FSMC, I wanted to ask what the difference is between these protocols and whether there is any significant difference in the case of parallel display support

ST Employee

Dear @Patryk_Kucia ,

FMC is an upgrade version of FSMC while we removed the “S” as we support Dynamic SDRAM memories . So if you have a code already running using FSMC it should be flawless when using FMC .

Hope it helps ,