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DAC trigger by HRTIM

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I need to trigger DAC1 and DAC2 from HRTIM Timer A on a STM32G474. I have set the DAC Sync option inside the HRTIM Timer A settting to generate a DACTrigOut1 event that triggers my DAC1. But DAC has a separate Trigger event that also works for DAC2 if set in TimerA seetings. It either triggers DAC1(DACTrigOut1) or DAC2 (DACTrigOut2), but I cabt find a setting to trigger both DAC simultaneously. Is there a option for that?

Thank you guys for any hint on that!




DAC updates are indeed generated by hrtim_dac_trgx output, and for each timer unit we select what signal to trigger using DACSYNC. So indeed, triggering DAC1 and DAC2 with the same Timer unit seems not doable. 

As a workaround, you can enable an additional Timer unit (without output for instance) and links its update with Timer A update (see STM32cubeMx: Update Trigger Sources Selection), and then use this update as a trigger for the other DAC.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.