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Compile files into RAM file system (FileX) for webserver

Associate II

I have started with the Nx_WebServer demo application which requires the web content files to be loaded onto the SD card ahead of time. I am adapting the project to use a RAM file system instead of the SD card file system. However, I am struggling to find a simple way to create a byte array of the file system (at compile time) to place into the RAM linker section.


Does anyone know of a utility to compile all of the web content files into a binary image of the complete file system so that it can be placed into the RAM region and used with the fx_media_open() function of FileX? ARM/Keil has the file converter utility FCARM that creates a byte array and image file structure from a directory of files, but not a file allocation table (the ARM Network Middleware that uses this image structure is closed source).


I could create a new RAM file system at initialization and loop through the file structure array created by FCARM to add each file to the file system, but I would think there would be a utility out there that creates a binary.  


Win32 Disk Imager, or similar ?

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Associate II

Similar to what Win32 Disk Imager and Rufus do but instead of formatting and writing to an existing drive I need it to just output a binary file that I can compile into the project.

Associate II

I am wondering how others using NetXDuo/FileX are doing this. The ARM tools have a solution (FCARM) but it only works with their middleware and I would like to move away from the closed source ARM Middleware (Network, File System and USB).