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Choosing proper MCU for HTTPS webserver

Associate II


recently I was testing HTTP webserver project on a NUCLEO-F429ZI board and it works ok. I have created a driver for LAN9303 (dual port PHY) tested it using shield based on this

After it worked, I successfully modified my project to use HTTPS and it works ok, but it is really slow. I guess that is the case when there is no hardware crypto. Which MCU would be sufficient for task of running HTTPS webserver stored in flash? I guess 2MB flash is minimum (1MB for firmware and 1MB for server contents), but what kind of peripherals are required for hardware HTTPS crypto? Also, would that be difficult to implement offloading crypto operations to hardware? Or should the compiler take care of that?

I found this model: STM32H573RIV6, but I don't know if it has proper hardware for HTTPS. Is it a good choice? If not, please could anyone suggest proper MCU model?