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Cannot read correct data from STM32 internal FLASH



I am using STM32u585 MCU.

It has 2 FLASH banks of 1MB each one.

In initially I read correct data (64 bytes) from page 0 of FLASH bank 2, at address 0x0810.0000

After that I erase the FLASH page.

In CubeIDE Memory Browser window I can see that the page is erased.

When I try to read the same address from FLASH I do not read 0xFF bytes (as expected) but I read the previous bytes before page erase.

When I read the contents of another FLASH page (bank 2 page 1 - the next page) it reads correct data and if after that I read the contents of page 0 I read the correct page contents (0xFF) bytes.

The same happens if I read bytes into the page 0, when I try to read the page I receive the previous bytes.

This happens to every FLASH page.

The MCU behaves like there is a FLASH "cache" memory that holds the last page contents and if I want to read the new data bytes I have to reset the "cache" by reading another page.

Is there an explanation for this? How can I read the page I have just programmed without another FLASH read?

ST Employee


Did you try reading the Flash after erasing the page without using the debugger? 

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yes, we have tried that. We have tried to print the bytes we read.

The problem is solved if we disable the ICACH_CR_EN bit before we read the flash bytes and re-enable it after the read.
Or if we disable it before the flash erase or programming and re-enable it after.