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BSP libraries and pin configuration

Wojciech Sura
Associate II
Posted on July 13, 2018 at 11:50

I'm using BSP libraries for STM32F469I-Discovery board. This board has goldpin female connectors matching Arduino Uno, so that Arduino shields may be used. Since BSP libraries have their own HAL configuration, do they configure pads of the microcontroller properly, such that appropriate goldpin has the same meaning as on Arduino Uno (GPIO, I2C etc.)? If not, how can I configure them?

I tried using CubeMX, but I don't know, what the proper configuration of pads is for BSP and I couldn't use LCD correctly.

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 12:31

I don't think the BSP explicitly sets up or uses the shield for anything, you'd need to set up the GPIO, USART, SPI, TIM etc for application specific use cases, there are a lot of shields doing all manner of things in all combinations.

The NUCLEO BSP tend to have more specific stuff, the like support for the Adafruit SD/LCD shield, this stuff can be cross-ported, you'd just have to make accommodations for different pin assignments. ST has made the SPI pins consistent, so an SPI SDCARD is easy enough to port, there were some SPI support functions in the NUCLEO BSP.

More generally in CubeMX for GPIO and TIM, for instance, you'd just attribute specific STM32 pins with their wiring to the shield connector, and you'd be able to get clocks or PWM signals out.

I use a subset of the Arduino pins, just pull out the User Manual and review the schematic to get specific direction when needed.

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