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Which STM32 MCU can play voice prompts and audio files (.mp3 or wav) stored on a micro SD card with digital volume control and without external DAC?


I paid someone and she came up with a solution using STM32F103 and claims that it works for wav files using PWM and low pass filter with a digital attenuator. It didn't, and 1 year on I am still looking for the right MCU and the right solution

UM1642 digital potentiometer supports only F4, F7 series MCU, not F1.

Parts 1-3 of how to play audio files .... features a G0 series.

So which MCU should I use without an external audio DAC?


ST has an MP3 CODEC, probably still needs licensing via MPEG LA if used in a commercial product.

Many of the STM32 have an internal DAC, but would need external circuitry to drive a speaker, etc.

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