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STM32H7 Code Isolation for Dual core controller

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Hello Support Team.

Good Day.

We are considering the dual-core MCU STM32H745 as per our product requirements. It contains two core Cortex®-M7 and Cortex®-M4 processors. As a result, we want to assign one core use as safety-critical (for metering/protection logic/relay driver) and the other core use as non-safety-critical (communication / led indication).

When we will go to certification that time we will only certify the safety-critical code.

We will provide CRC of safety-critical flash areas when we will go to certification. If I change the non-safety-critical code, this safety-critical flash area CRC must not change. 

Does the STM32H745 Series support this type of isolation? If you have any examples or documents, please share them with us.


Hiren R. Thumar

ST Employee

Hello @HirenThumar2702​,

It is possible to isolate critical tasks from other tasks by making them independently running on a different processor. You can check STM32H745/755 and STM32H747/757 lines dual-core architecture - Application note

To learn more on how to use the CRC peripheral on STM32H7, you can refer to AN4187. It includes information on how to use the hardware-based CRC calculation engine for integrity checking.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Firas,

Thanks for providing help,

As per our firmware architecture for core-1 used below module

  • Metering
  • Protection logic
  • Relay driver

And Core 2 uses:

  • Communication
  • Led driver

So, could you kindly clarify that when I update the communication/led logic in core 2, that time the flash area of core 1 should not change?


Hiren R. Thumar