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STM32G0 USB-PD Policy Engine Requests Hard Reset after power negotiation

Associate II

I'm bringing up a PD source and it will successfully negotiate an explicit contract, but if the source is unplugged and plugged back in, it will still negotiate correctly, but the PE will request a hard reset causing one to be sent 256 ms after PS_RDY message. Timing is consistently 255-256ms (the PE task returns a delay of 255 then resets). The source continues in a cycle of hard resets until power is cycled to the board or it is reprogrammed. I have confirmed that this originates from the PE and not the DPM or the sink. I cannot provide a trace using ST's utility as we are moving to an in house implementation of the DPM.

The PE task is suspended and USBPD_PE_StateMachine_Stop is called on disconnect.

These USBPD_ParamsTypeDef structure members are reset on disconnect to these values:

.PE_SpecRevision = Settings().PE_SpecRevision;

.PE_PowerRole = Settings().PE_DefaultRole;

.PE_SwapOngoing = USBPD_FALSE;

.ActiveCCIs = CCNONE;

.VconnCCIs = CCNONE;

.VconnStatus = USBPD_FALSE;

USBPD_PE_StateMachine_Reset is called on connect before resuming the PE task.


#define LIB_STACK_VER    (0x410U << LIB_STACK_VER_POS)


single port


PE_Get_RxEvent returns 20 (0x14) in the state machine call that calls hard reset

Guenael Cadier
ST Employee

Hi @USBPD Dan​ 

Similar question is tracked internally and is under analysis.

Internal ticket number: 151909 (This is an internal tracking number and is not accessible or usable by customers).

Will let you know the outcome.


Associate II


I am also getting a Hard Reset that is set in the UCPD SR (status register) (Rx Hard Reset detect interrupt), every single time during power negotation after the Source sends accept, and Sink sends a Good CRC. Hard Reset is seen, and stops the power negotation. See attached screenshot of the USB-PD negotiation from Total Phase. I am using an STM32G474RETx, with RTOS2 (RTX5). I have this working with the example using FreeRTOS, but I want to utilize RTOS2 with RTX5. Is the STM32 USBPD API compatible with RTOS2 RTX5?



Guenael Cadier
ST Employee

Issue has been solved by applying a more recent version of ST USBPD Core stack MW component.
=> v4.3.1 that is available here.

Associate II

Thanks for the reply Guenael. I was able to resolve my issue by adding the USBPD_DPM_TimerCounter(); function into my TIM global interrupt handler.