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Safety Test Library : rom test fail issue


I'm using the STM32F767 MCU and Keil compiler. The Keil version is Fusa 16.2.


When applying the STL library in the Keil compiler environment, a rom test failure occurs.

STL version is 4.0, and it was applied as in the guide document, but STL_Lib responds from rom test to fail.

The keil compiler is the version of fusa 16.2.

After compiling the project, it seems to be CRC sorting using the file "STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe".

I don't know where to fix it because the library file responds with an error.

Q1) Request Keil compiler to check how to set up

Q2) I looked up the posts in the community and they told me to sort the size to 8, which part of the setting should I change?

Q3) If I can use the STL Lib version lower, is there a source for the STM32F7xx series? I don't think I can download it on the homepage except for V4.0.


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