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UML Map of MC SDK?


The MC SDK is sometimes hard to follow. Has anyone made any UML maps of the SDK or know of any tools to generate these maps? I knew I saw a tool to do this long ago, but now I can't find it again. Seems like a tool that would be widely used.



Probably Static Code Analysis Tools like SCI's Understand C(++)

>> Seems like a tool that would be widely used.

Perhaps, but people frequently don't want to spend any money, and use functionality built in to modern IDE's, etc. Then again we've got a lot of "Software Engineers" who think if something doesn't show up conveniently in a Google search to be copied it must be impossible to code or never done before..

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Its all about the correct search term. I spent quite a bit of time refining searches to understand what i wanted was called. I keep looking for "Mapping" and "generating" and such. Thanks I'll look into this. And yes, no money can be spent. Start-up life is hard.

I've been using the IDE to bounce around the code, but sometimes its nice to see visually where everything is and referenced. It took me a while to find where the pmsm_motor_parameters.h were used. The way the MC SDK's workbench builds the CubeIDE project makes searching all the includes all but impossible (more searching on how to do this lead me to just wasting my time). I tried changing it but wasted a lot of time I don't have right now. I'll have to fix it later, but by then I'll already know where everything is.. *sigh*

Thanks TDL.

Associate III

SparxSystems Enterprise Architect is supposedly able to take existing source code and generate UML diagrams from it. I haven't tried it with the SDK code though, looking at the general state of the code I suspect that the generated UML diagrams would be just as difficult to understand as the source code is.