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STSPIN3201 evaluation with BLDC Motor with Hall Sensor

Ritul Shah
Associate II

We are developing a BLDC Motor controller for E-Cycle which is a 24V 250Watt power. The Motor is a Hall sensor type and for the evaluation we have an existing Motor and trying to run the Motor with the help of Evaluation board STEVAL-STSPIN3201. The project example 6S_STEVAL3201_HS_VM  is taken and modified in a new folder to change my Motor specs.

I have followed the below documents to do it.

1. UM2916

2. STSPIN3201 Schematics

The following versions of Softwares I am Using:

1. ST Motor Control Workbench : 5.Y.2

2. STM32CubeMX : 6.3.0

3. IAR Workbench : 8

My Motor remains in the Stall condition only and does not move. I am continuously getting Speed Feedback Error. For that solution I referred to the link below.

Now, When I am using ST MC Workbench GUI for running the Motor, It shows the Motor is running but actually there is no movement in the Motor. The Motor gets stuck at one position.

Motor Specs:

Motor Pole Pairs: 10

Motor Voltage: 24V

Maximum Motor Speed: 1000 RPM

Rs: 140 mOhm (As per Manufacturer Data)

Ls: 387 uH (As per Manufacturer data)

Then I followed UM2916 page number 8. When I am trying to open the STM32CubeMx and changing Parameters from Middleware and then trying to Generate the User Code, The User code is not generated for a long time and finally I have to Hard stop the Code generation.

Kindly request you to help me solve the problem.

Cristiana SCARAMEL
ST Employee

Hi @Ritul Shah​ ,

could you share the motor model? What is its inertia factor?

Considering that the connections are OK and the Hall sensors decoding table is as the manufacturer says, If the motor doesn’t move I would suggest to increase the STARTUP_DUTY_CYCLE parameter (duty cycle applied at startup).

During regeneration process from CubeMX I would recommend to close IAR environment and eventually to clean up the working folder from previously generated files.

Let me know if these info are useful to progress in your project.

Hi @Ritul Shah​ are there feedback about your project progress?

Ritul Shah
Associate II

Hello Cristiana,

I have finally RUN the Motor.

But the Motor Jerks when the SPEED is increased. After more jerking, it finally stops with the below errors.

  1. Over Voltage Error or
  2. Speed Feedback Error

Why am I getting jerks in the Motor? If I am using off the Shelf controller, then my Motor runs perfectly.

Where could be the error?

Please help me solve it.

Hello @Ritul Shah​,

It could be that the motor is running ineffectively because it is not connected properly and the speed change request makes the speed loop go crazy.

In this case I suggest to monitor the current phases to check the current waveforms.

Otherwise it is possible that the PID gains are too high. You can limit "speed lumps" reducing the controller gains (directly from GUI).