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Motor profiler and NUCLEO-G474RE (IHM16M1)


I plan to start using the MC SDK, and I was ready to get a Nucleo-G474RE with a IHM16M1.

But when looking at the motor profiler utility, I noticed that the combination is not supported. There is support for the IHM16M1 and the STM32G474 processor in the STM32G474E-EVAL, but not for the combination I'd like to use.

II also checked in the firmware directory, but there is no hex file for my desired combination.

Is there a way to build the firmware for the profiler? If not, any plan to support the combination? I really would like to avoid buying a different Nucleo board, as I wanted to use the opportunity to learn more about the STM32G4 family


Anyone? Is there a better forum to ask this question?

Associate II

Did you get any further on your own since you didnt get any answer?

I too want to get the motor profiler running with the exact same setup as you.