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MC workbench with bldc using hall sensors.


Hi, I am fairly new to motor control and ST software. I am trying to setup a bldc hall sensor motor with the MC workbench tool to control speed for now. I am using the b-g431b-esc1 discovery kit. I have wired the motor to the kit as described in um2516. Now when I use the Mc workbench monitor to try and control the speed, as soon as i start the motor it ramps to the negative max rpm of the motor and the speed control does not work utilizing the gui. I have tested the hall sensor to make sure theyre in order 100,110,011 etc. Not sure how to fix this.

I have set

Motor specs:

Maxon brushless 1 pole pair, 3 Amp peak, 24 Volt nominal 5K rpm max. 60 degree placement electrical angle between hall sensors.


motor profiler 5.4.8

stm32cubemx 6.3.0(latest version couldnt work with kit)

cubeprogrammer 2.9.0

stm32cube 1.8

ST Employee

If you were able to profile correctly the motor, it means that sensor-less should work, did try this configuration? If yes, could you check the Hall Sensor connections?


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