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how to eliminate startup failure in motor control workbench tool with generated code for gimbal motor?


i am using Nucleo-f401re and nucleo-IHM16M1 motor driver board to drive gimbal motor . i generate the code from motor control workbench tools.i have done a program with stm32 cube ide but the motor does not spin.i done with motor workbench tool it shows startup failure.

cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @SR.12​ 

I invite you to read this post :

The issue comes from the fact that IHM16 connect the current of phase V to 2 pins C10_18 and C10_24.

C10_24 is the one connected to PB1 where an ADC channel is available, that is Ok. But C10_18 is not connected to PB11 that does not exist on F446, but to VCAP_1 which is a VDD output. Say it differently C10_18 connects the ADC input used to read the current of phase V to the VDD, this is the reason why you were not able to spin your motor. There are two different ways to fix the issue, you can unsolder the resistor R41 on the IHM16, or cut the pin C10_18 on the F446 Nucleo connector.

(I think the second option is safer - I guess you do not need to have VCAP pin presents at morpho connector).