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How does the SEQUENCER prevent race conditions for STM32WB?


In this post, it was mentioned that the Sequencer is recommended to avoid race conditions especially when entering low power mode. Are there any specific examples of race conditions and how the sequencer avoids it?

On the other hand, in AN5289, the document doesn't mention race conditions but rather that sequencer avoids event loss during low power modes. So, is the statement about race conditions even correct?

My main goal is to understand how the sequencer really improves things since it's forcing us to write code to work with this framework. In addition, my project will require several motor control loops and I'm concerned about how the sequencer may affect the timing of my control loops.


From doing more digging I think this article explains it: Use an MCU's low-power modes in foreground/background systems -

Seems like as long as we follow the implementation in the article and the sequencer, we can have a race condition safe low power mode.