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DRV8313 simplefoc

Associate III

Hello all developers. I have a wish for you to start developing. simplefocmini (drv8313pwpr) with stm32cubeide I understand the basics of using a 3 phase timer. By creating a 120 degree difference, I can make the motor rotate but it is unstable.

And I want to design my own motor drive circuit. I’m looking for a possible example. I’ve tried many methods.

I’m using an embedded microcontroller. stm32h750vbt6 I don’t use neoclue, I only study from videos. That there was an easier way but my boss didn’t support it. So I had to try even harder to get the results I wanted.


best regards

Associate II

There are many reason cause motor rotate unstable. What kind of motor do you use? What about motor rotator feedback sensor? The motor three phase current using shunt resistor or other methods?

Associate III

i use gimbal motor Mitoot 2805/140KV don't have feedback sensor (sensorless). Have not shunt resistor.

You don't feedback rotator position and motor three phase current.  Are you doing open-loop control strategy ?

If it is true, you can't let motor operate in high speed range or having heavy load,  because the system will close to unstable region easily.

I suggest that feedback motor three phase current to do current closed-loop control strategy, it is very helpful to improve motor performace.


By the way, do you have Mitoot 2805/140KV detail parameters ? Such as motor flux magnitude(Ke), inner resistor, q-axis and d-asix inductor etc...

A better understanding of the motor parameters will also be helpful for control.