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Associate III


When ST will release more information about the STM32N6? Will it use the new cortex-m55? Can it be used in motor control applications?

ST Employee

Hi, getting close to that moment ;). We will share later this year more information about availability and spec and you will definitively be able to do motor control applications with it!

Senior II

@MC.4ASTRO​ any update on the date? I recently saw an ST press release.

ST Employee

Hi @Singh.Harjit​ , we are progressing well and so far no press release has been don eon the STM32N6 product. You will find information we are willing to share at this point on the following link

Could we provide input in this process? I'd really like to make sure ST avoids the mistakes they made with the CORDIC and FMAC engines by making them too specific and not general enough (i.e. with CORDIC I could be able to reprogram it on the fly using DMA so I can autonomously use it for multiple tasks and for FMAC not being able to load the X1 and X2 values autonomously and sequentially mean that the opportunity to use it as a general purpose vector multiplier are lost. If you'd allowed those two things, you'd have had a beautiful hardware FFT capability which was missed). I'd just really like to make sure that the "ST Neural Processing Unit" can be used for more general vector/matrix operations on a LEAST signed 16bit data, preferably 32bit float, since this would mean that you can REALLY make use of it BOTH for NN/AI and ALSO for audio synthesis/processing/motor control etc. Please let us help you by providing feedback before it's too late and you've already committed missed opportunities to silicon.

ST Employee

Hi @etheory​, valuable feedbacks. Thanks for taking the time. I will pass to both Motor Control and AI teams.

How could I get more directly involved in this process? I have a lot of other feedback but this feels like the wrong forum for it.

ST Employee

Sure let me get back to you by private message.

Associate II

Hello Miguel,

Can I please be added to the list of people who will be notified when the STM32N6 development board is available?



Associate II

Hello @Miguel CASTRO ,

Could I also please be added to the list of people who will be notified when the STM32N6 development board is available for purchase?