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STM32H7 as USB audio device, with external PHY, USB3343, ULPI

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I'm stuck ... on a number of levels, I believe, but first things first.

I have a custom PCB with a "main" 144-pin STMH743, six "DSP" 100-pin STMH743s, and a USB3343 to speak ULPI to a USB port.

Via SAI, the main H7 will be getting 10 to 12 channels of digital audio, two from each of the 5 to 6 DSP H7s.

The 10 to 12 channels of audio are to be sent via USB out to a host; e.g., a DAW running on a computer.

My current obstacle, one I need to get past before dealing with how to "package" up the digital audio to trasmit to the host, is to configure the main MCU's USB to use the ULPI chip and ... have the host even detect/recognize the STM32H7, running as a USB Audio Device.

I am using CubeMX for pretty much everything.

Under Connectivity, I have USB_OTG_HS chosen and configured as External PHY, Device_Only. The Parameter Settings show Speed: Device High Speed 480MBit/s; Physical interface: External Phy.

Under Middleware, I have USB_Device chosen and configured as Class For HS IP: Audio Device Class.

The CubeMX-generated main.c calls MX_USB_DEVICE_Init() which in turn calls USBD_Init(), USBD_RegisterClass(), USBD_AUDIO_RegisterInterface(), USBD_Start(), and HAL_PWREx_EnableUSBVoltageDetector().

From there the program continues runnning through the endless while, but when I connect the PCBs USB port to my Macbook Pro, no USB device is dectect.

Should I assume that I have need to do something after MX_USB_DEVICE_Init? I see that ST's demo program for USB_Device/Audio_Standalone goes to the endless while immediately after it calls the same functions MX_USB_DEVICE_Init does.

Using CubeMX to configure a simple test program, I have gotten a VCP working on a NUCLEO-H743ZI. Of course that was not with ULPI but my Mac certainly recognized the STM32 as USB device. I fully expect setting up and running an Audio Class device to be rather more complex.

I figure that after MX_USB_DEVICE_Init, the device should be visible to a host, but perhaps I'm missing something. I will later have questions about just how one sends all that audio, but first I have to figure out whatever handshaking I need, right? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might try next?


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I am sending page 1 (with the 144-pin H7) and page 3 (with the USB3343 ULPI), out of a total of 11 pages (most of the others are other 100-pin H7s which do DSP, codecs, power management, ten HE sensor inputs to ADCs, and so on)..

I believe that will be enough. But do let me know if these are not enough to troubleshoot the ULPI issues.

You will note that in the schematic the ULPI's pin 12 (DATA7) is routed to the H7's PB6, when in fact PB5 is configured via CubeMX as USB_OTG_HS_ULPI_D7 (PB6 cannot be configured for the ULPI). Of course, PB6 is an incorrect routing, which will be physically corrected in the next PCB iteration.

However, for now as a workaround on this board, the Control H7's pins PB6 and PB5 have been carefully bridged and PB6 is set, in CubeMX, to GPIO mode Input, to more or less have the H7 ignore it.

I've checked continuity on all the ULPI pins and their corresponding H7 pins.

As for versions, I am using:


STM32CubeMX 5.4.0

SystemWorkbench 4.6.3 (I have not converted my programs ... yet ... to the full-fledged STM32CubeIDE).

Thanks again.

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I'm hoping that the schematic and the versions of the different tools has helped track things down.

Also, I inquired with Microchip, maker of the USB3343 ULPI, and they suggested ... of course ... that I talk to you at ST 😉 They did say, "Now, the ULPI communication is handled by the link controller, so ULPI libraries and code should be available in the USB stack of the SoC or microcontroller your are using. As ULPI is a standard communication interface, USB3343 doesn't require any special libraries. Also, Microchip does not have an application example available that would demonstrate an elegant solution for this application. I would recommend researching the controller side USB stack, forums and support for more information."

I know that ST has libraries for STM32 USB, but I don't know that I've seen anything specifically about ULPI. And I don't think I've see sample code specifically for the MCU to be an audio USB device for streaming multiple channels (and, more specifically, more than two channels) of audio.


Mehran Memarnejad
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Did you find solution?

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No. I'm afraid not.

I have been working on a few other aspects of my project where I am able to make progress.

Still nothing on the ULPI via STM32 front.

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Any ideas?