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STM32F407 + CGI Handler



Hello everyone,

I am using the STM32F407 µC and would like to create a web interface. A few functions, such as getting the temperature value from the µC once (SSI) and switching on the LED via the web interface on the board (CGI), work. Now I would like to get the temperature value cyclically without having to reload the complete page.

My idea was to use JSON fetch to query the variable in json.cgi.


The function in the JV is also called correctly and the corresponding function in the µC is called (CGIJSON_Handler).



My only problem is that CGI returns a web page by default and not a value (int or float). Would anyone have an idea where in the standard httpd.c file I have to adjust this so that a value is returned?

FYI: I generated the code with the cube and use LWIP without RTOS.

Many thanks in advance.

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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

 without having to reload the complete page.

Then you need a different technology instead of CGI and SSI: WEB sockets or something else. Stack Overflow is a good place to ask about this. If this seems too hard or complicated - here you can find help with your project.