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how to sync clock of lora end node using Application Layer Clock Synchronization method



I have recently started working on LoRaWAN using stm32l0 controller and LRWAN stack.

I am using dragino gateway via which i am able to send uplink and downlink messages to/from end node. Now my task is to sync end node RTC from DeviceTime commands.  I have gone thorough the document but still i am not able to understand to do this.Here are my few questions regarding this.

1)Is it supported by all class end nodes?

2)if no,which are supported class?

3)If yes,how to send the DeviceTimeReq command from end node?I have seen the function "LmHandlerDeviceTimeReq" in stack code but its not called anywhere in the code?how user should call this function to initiate the command?

4)How to identify if the DeviceTimeAns command is received?

5)Has anyone done this before?

6)Can we do this with TTN server?

7)what efforts are required to this when we have our own server?

Please help with the above question. Any help will be appreciated.


any update on this? Really looking for help.

Andrew Larkin
Associate III

In your application code, you call LmHandlerDeviceTimeReq() after you have a successful Join to the network.

This does everything.