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Hi! I found strange USB desc in SDK.


After start device, windows report about error in desc:

========================== Summary =========================

Vendor ID : 0x0483 (STMicroelectronics)

Product ID : 0xA210

USB Version : 2.00 -> wrong, Device is Full-Speed only

Port maximum Speed : High-Speed (Companion Port 2-5 supports SuperSpeed)

Device maximum Speed : Full-Speed

Device Connection Speed : Full-Speed

Self powered : no

Demanded Current : 200 mA

Used Endpoints : 3

and not found section in desc

----------------- Device Qualifier Descriptor -----------------

Error : ERROR_GEN_FAILURE (*!*ERROR USB 2.0 devices must provide a Device Qualifier Descriptor)

In attached pict i rewrite 1 byte from 0x02 to 0x01 and solve all problems. This is bug or feauture?


Hello @EMaxi.1​ ,

Can you provide more details on the CubeFW used, the version and how to reproduce the issue?

Thanks in advance.

BeST Regards,


Can be reproduced

1) View device using USB Device Tree Viewer V3.7.8:

2) bcdUSB field can be found in USBD_FS_DeviceDesc (usbd_desc.c):

- When bcdUSB field is set to USB2.0 "0x00, 0x02" , there are two errors

- When bdcUSB field is set to USB1.0 "0x00, 0x01", there are less  errors:

    ----------------- Device Qualifier Descriptor -----------------
Error                    : ERROR_GEN_FAILURE