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Fx_NoR_Write_Read_File example for STM32U5x9J-DK


The example does not work. It times out:


HAL_OSPI_AutoPolling() at stm32u5xx_hal_ospi.c:1,831 0x80042e8
ospi_memory_reset() at lx_stm32_ospi_driver_glue.c:560 0x8001afe
lx_stm32_ospi_lowlevel_init() at lx_stm32_ospi_driver_glue.c:79 0x800165a
lx_stm32_ospi_initialize() at lx_stm32_ospi_driver.c:61 0x80166ea
_lx_nor_flash_open() at lx_nor_flash_open.c:128 0x8015822
fx_stm32_levelx_nor_driver() at fx_stm32_levelx_nor_driver.c:111 0x8014758
_fx_media_format() at fx_media_format.c:177 0x8010a26
_fxe_media_format() at fxe_media_format.c:114 0x80144b8
fx_app_thread_entry() at app_filex.c:156 0x8001464
_tx_thread_shell_entry() at tx_thread_shell_entry.c:114 0x8018388

Other relevant info:

Board: MB1829 Discovery kit with STM32U5A9NJ MCU

Environment: STM32CubeIDE

Component: MX25UM51245GXDI00 Macronix OctaFlash


Perhaps a problem at the pin or peripheral level?

Would suggest finding some simpler OSPI examples, and debugging the BSP functionality, either confirming those work, or the specific issues with it.

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ST Employee

Hello @efekete ,

Besides the @Tesla DeLorean proposal, I advise you to check the recommendation mentioned in Readme such as, for STM32CubeIDE add the following section into the .ld file:

._threadx_heap :
     . = ALIGN(8);
     __RAM_segment_used_end__ = .;
     . = . + 64K;
     . = ALIGN(8);
   } >RAM_D1 AT> RAM_D1
The ._threadx_heap must be located between the .bss and the ._user_heap_stack sections in the linker script. Caution: Make sure that ThreadX does not need more than the provided heap memory (64KBytes in this example). Also, the "tx_initialize_low_level.S" should be also modified to enable the "USE_DYNAMIC_MEMORY_ALLOCATION" flag.
I think that an OSPI_NOR_MemoryMapped example can help you.
I hope this help you!
Thank you for your contribution in STCommunity 🙂.

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