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Build gnu-tools-for-stm32 repo in Windows

Associate III

I downloaded gnu-tools-for-stm32 repo to a Windows 10 machine. I have mingw64 installed.

I want to study arm-none-eabi-objcopy with a view to extracting bin files for internal and external flash from an elf in a self-contained utility.

When I navigated to my checked out repo and ran from a mingw64 shell it failed with the below

+++2024-01-05:11:53:13 (/e/Various_Backups/gcc-arm-src/gnu-tools-for-stm32/ host_arch=x86_64 +++2024-01-05:11:53:13 (/e/Various_Backups/gcc-arm-src/gnu-tools-for-stm32/ '[' xMinGw64_nT-10.0-18363 == xlinux ']' 
+++2024-01-05:11:53:13 (/e/Various_Backups/gcc-arm-src/gnu-tools-for-stm32/ '[' xMinGw64_nT-10.0-18363 == xdarwin ']' +++2024-01-05:11:53:13 (/e/Various_Backups/gcc-arm-src/gnu-tools-for-stm32/ error 'Unsupported build system : MinGw64_nT-10.0-18363' +++2024-01-05:11:53:13 (/e/Various_Backups/gcc-arm-src/gnu-tools-for-stm32/ error(): set +u 
+++2024-01-05:11:53:13 (/e/Various_Backups/gcc-arm-src/gnu-tools-for-stm32/ error(): echo 'bash: error: Unsupported build system : MinGw64_nT-10.0-18363' bash: error: Unsupported build system : MinGw64_nT-10.0-18363 +

It seems to indicate that it is unhappy with mingw64.
Does anybody know how this can be built on a Windows machine? Do I have to open some kind of Linux shell (never done that so instructions would be appreciated)

ST Employee

Hi @DRega.1 ,

As recommended in this post, can you try the option "--skip_steps"?


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