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to make controller entering into the sleep mode and coming out of sleep mode using USB


Hi all,

i want to implement the sleep mode using USB as the source to put the device in to sleep mode and waking the device from the sleep mode. The controller im using is STM32U585. My quarry is, is it possible to do it.? i have implemented the same using UART it working perfectly fine, the same i want to using USB, is it possible. is yes, any suggestions for the same will be helpful.

ST Employee

Hello @meghasb 

It is possible, in sleep mode, only the CPU is stopped. All peripherals continue to operate and can
wake up the CPU when an interrupt/event occurs.

The peripherals that are still active in sleep mode are shown  in the below table (From product datasheet)



Please note that OTG_FS and USB are functional in voltage scaling range 1, 2, and 3. OTG_HS is functional in voltage scaling range 1 and 2 as shown in the below picture (From RM) 


Unfortunately, there is no official example  that covers this use case

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