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AZURE RTOS / NETX DUO DTLS Implementation for STM32 Platform

Associate III

Hello, I wanted to ask if there is any NetX Duo DTLS implementation example with source code on any STM32 platform?

ST Employee

Hello @Gencay​ 

You can get started with this wiki Introduction to NETXDUO - stm32mcu

You can check Application Nx_MQTT_Client. It demonstrates how to exchange data between client and server using MQTT protocol in an encrypted mode supporting TLS v1.2

You can find DTLS implementation under this link.

stm32_mw_netxduo/nx_secure/src at 52418498ef76f8b733b6414420c0672eb38684bf · STMicroelectronics/stm32_mw_netxduo (

However, there is no example code for DTLS protocol.

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