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stm32l073rz nucleo board

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Hi Guys I'm Trying to find stm32l073rz Nucleo board datasheet that contains the boards pin description, but I can't find it anywhere

I have found those but when I compare the pin description in the first pic from: NUCLEO-L073RZ | Mbed
with the one provided in this datasheet:Datasheet - STM32L073x8 STM32L073xB STM32L073xZ - Ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU Arm<Sup>®</Sup>-based Cortex<Sup>®</Sup>-M0+, up to 192KB Flash, 20KB SRAM, 6KB EEPROM, LCD, USB, ADC, DACs
I find the pins order is different..



@Haystak wrote:

I opened the UM1725 file but couldn't find the description for the pins just found the description for Arduino connectors

Table 30, as you showed, describes the Morpho connectors - that's the outer double rows of pins.

For the Arduino pins, see Table 18:


These tell you which of the microcontroller's pins is connected to each pin on those connectors.

Not sure what further "description" of the pins you're looking for?

The names of the pins in these tables are the same names used in the datasheet table you showed initially:




As @STTwo-32 said, the datasheet lists pins for all possible package variants; the ones you highlighted are only available on the UFBGA100 package (Red) - they are not available on the LQFP64  package (Blue) used on the Nucleo board.


EDIT: highlight the different packages



In the case of the pin highlighted in yellow:

  • The name of the pin is "PE6" - this is the name that the Nucleo tables refer to
  • The position of the pin on the UFBGA100 package is "D2"
  • The position of the pin on the LQFP100 package is "5"
  • The pin is not present on any of the other packages - including the  LQFP64  package used on the Nucleo board.
  • The pin named "PE6" can be configured for one of the Alternate Functions TIM21_CH2 or TIM3_CH4, or the Additional Functions RTC_TAMP3 or WKUP3


Thank you @Andrew Neil   for reporting this issue on the website. I've escalated this to the concerned team for correction.

Best Regards.


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Thanks a lot @Andrew Neil & @STTwo-32 I couldn't wrap my head around comparing the package and MCU and the both have different pin number 

Andrew Neil
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If you want to access the TIM21_CH2 Alternate Function on the Nucleo board, it's also available on PA3 and PB14:




Similarly, the TIM3_CH4 Alternate Function on the Nucleo board is available on PC9 and PB1:





It's a common thing - not just STM32. It can get confusing!

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