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Hi all.

Am working with the STM32H573-DK, trying to get the ethernet connection working with FreeRTOS & LWIP over DHCP.

I can see with Wireshark that it's sending the DHCP discover out ok & the DHCP server is responding with an offer but the code seems to miss that packet.

I know the code is receiving some ARP packets from the DHCP server.

I know that the hardware works ok if I use the ThreadX example (but I need a FreeRTOS environment).

My best guess so far is the DK is not receiving UDP packets? (Which is the format of the DHCP Offer)

Anyone else experienced similar with this DK?


Senior II

Check if there are any issues with buffer management in LWIP. Insufficient buffer space or incorrect buffer handling can lead to dropped packets.

Buffer structure-wise I've used the STM32H7 FreeRTOS & LWIP example as the basis for my H5 work. Are there any known "gotchas" with that Example?

Does that Example catch Buffer errors?

Haven't seen any serial debug or error_handler loops that'd suggest the proposed error has been detected.


ST Employee

Hello @pywtk ,

You can base your implementation on the working example (without FreeRTOS) and compare the configuration done on the STM32H5 with the one you are trying this can be a quick way to get it working .

Answering your question "Does that Example catch Buffer errors?"

The STM32H7 FreeRTOS & LWIP  does not catch buffer errors as it is a basic point to get started with your own software development .



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