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STM32G491REI6 got damage

Champak Kundu
Associate II

We are using STM32G491REI6. PCB on which this microcontroller has been incorporated, developed by us.

In Inverter Application we are using this microcontroller.

When it is connected to operate inverter, every time the microcontroller IC got damaged. It got destroyed. That means no signals are coming from the microcontroller.

We need suggestions to resolve this issue.

ST Employee

It will be difficult to make suggestions to solve the problem if you do not provide details. All we know so far is that you are using an STM32G491REI6 and that no signals are coming from the microcontroller - which, by the way, is not a sufficient reason to assume that the microcontroller has been destroyed.

At least the schematics are important for an initial assessment; the firmware can be discussed afterwards.


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