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STM32F407VET6 heats up

Associate II


Yesterday I was using somesensor with the STM32, and today I realized that the STM32 and the voltage regulator heats up. Also my two alternative STlink connects and disconnects from the USB.

I uploaded an empty project, but it still the same. USB connection is also inestable. What can be the cause of this? Yesterday I didn't have this problems.


>>What can be the cause of this?

Something got electrically damaged.

Finger burning hot would suggest an internal short.

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Well, the most recent change I made was connect a common ground and set up a pull-up resistor in UART Rx with:

GPIOA->PUPDR |= GPIO_PUPDR_PU << (2 * 10);

Can this pull-up resistor make my STM32 finger hot?