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STM32F401 does not seem to boot on custom PCB!

Associate III

Hello everyone, I am new to this community and I am starting to use the STM32F401 from the Nucleo platform. Thank you in advance for your indulgence and your help.  

So I programmed a test code on nucleo which works well. For my final project, I need to integrate only the microprocessor, so I cut the V-Link card of the nucleo and used the DFU Mode to program the chip via USB. Everything works fine, I added a "BOOT" button that allows me to pull pin 60 (BOOT) to 3.3V and I can program the STM via STM32CubeProgrammer.

In a second step, I created a test board following the Nucleo schematic indicated in the manual. I just wanted to reproduce the same assembly as on the Nucleo board but with my PCB.

The PCB was assembled by the PCB manufacturer with a Pick & Place.

When I turn on my custom board, I have all the power supply pins receiving 3.3V, I put all the decoupling capacitor as shown on the diagram, check all the connections to the tester, but despite that, the chip does not seem to start. Impossible to start in DFU mode to load the 1st program.

I attach a schematic of my assembly and a picture of the PCB.

I have spent hours reading and searching the various forums but I have not found why my MCU does not boot!

Any help will be welcome, thanks in advance for your answers.





Hey Jan, do you have a list of posted suggestions for the STM32 dev boards (Nucleo and else)?

I'd like to review them and I'll manage to get them reviewed by ST folks.