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Hi, recently I have had a overcurrent issue with my old stm32 Nucleo H7a3zi-q board, so I replaced it with a spare identical to the previous board, but now I am having two new issue.

One is that when I connect the reset pin to an external trigger with the external trigger not being power (I checked with a multimeter), it give me this fault as shown below. 





I have no idea what is wrong, so I unplugged the external trigger since it is not essential to the overall function. After I removed it, the program seems to be uploaded onto the board. 





But afterward, I went over to check on the COM LED. it remains red. And when I try to trigger one of the functions linked to the stm32 via computer gui, the function does not work. So now i am thinking that the program was not downloaded onto the board even though the console tells me that it downloaded successfully. Please let me know if yall have any ideas. 





Your external trigger apparently is constantly triggering. Some issue there? Grounding? Circuit implementation?

Perhaps you need some better output of diagnostics / telemetry so you have some idea as to what is and what isn't functioning on your board / software.

Perhaps have HardFault_Handler() and Error_Handler() set LEDs in specific ways, and perhaps toggle others.

Have a signs-of-life LED indicating a functional heart-beat, perhaps one in your main loop, and another in a SysTick driven handler.

Download and VERIFY with STM32 Cube Programmer.

Start debugging..

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