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STLINK-V3SET in enclosure together with adapter board

Associate II

Just as an idea for others...

According to figure 5 of the STLINK-V3SET user manual, I asembled the set including the adapter board. Alas, the enclosure then is no longer "enclosed". Nevertheless, I wanted to use the set in this way because of the bridge UART that's accessible via USB cable.

Since I do not plan to use this emulator in STM8-based systems, I decided to cut jumper headers that are related to the SWIM interface. I also cut off all the solder pins of the old 20 pin legacy JTAG connector. Doing so, the bottom part of the enclosure can be attached without any problems. The images below give an impression.

DSCF3804.JPG  Here all preparations are documented.

DSCF3806.JPG  Impression with attached bridge connector cable.

DSCF3807.JPG  Sample target board connection.

The image with target board shows the usage of the serial interface. In this case: connected to three pins of a 6-pin header that is intended for usage with FTDI's TTL-232R-3V3 cable. Of course, simultaneous connection of JTAG is necessary because of GND. But during development it is more practical to have only one USB cable instead of JTAG-USB and separate FTDI cable.