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STLINK-V3MINIE current draw


I am using a STLINK-V3MINIE  as a programmer with my custom board.

The custom board has a battery holder, with 2xAA 1.5V each.

A jumper is in series with the positive terminal of the battery holder, where I am using an ammeter.

I measure a baseline of 320uA when the STLINK ribbon cable is connected between the board and the STLINK, regardless of whether the USB cable is connected or not.

To address this, I connect the VCC pad from the STLINK directly to the positive terminal of the battery holder. With this setup, no bias current is present, allowing me to measure current consumption in accordance with the datasheet specifications.

I have read in several posts that the STLINK should not draw any significant current, which does not align with my observations.

My questions:

Has anyone else encountered this issue? How do you measure current with the ST-LINK connected without introducing bias current?

Is the schematic for the ST-LINK available to verify if current would be draw form custom board to ST-LINK through VCC?