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Printing STLinkV3-MINIE enclosure


Kudos and thanks to the ST dev-tool team for making an enclosure STL file available (on the product page under CAD Resources) so users can print enclosures for the STLinkV3-MINIE.  This post is just to help others with print settings so they don't have to experiment as much as I did.

There are only two real problems I encountered:

  1. The opening for the STDC14 connector is not centered in the enclosure as it should be; as a result, after printing, you must cut a significant amount of material from one of the short sides of the opening before the board can be inserted flat with the STDC14 connector going through the opening.  (you can see where I had to cut in the photo below).

  2. When slicing the STL file with Cura (probably the most popular slicer), you need to uncheck the "Union Overlapping Volumes" box in the Mesh Fixes section of the print settings.  If you do not, then the hole for the STDC14 connector is filled in by the slicer and the enclosure is unusable. 

Otherwise, printing is straight-forward.  I've printed several using PLA (at 200C) directly on a heated (60C) glass bed using only glue stick for adhesion.  I use 20% infill density and do not use supports or any other adhesion aids (brim, skirt, etc.).

ST: if you're listening, first: thank you for providing this!  If you are inclined, please consider:

  1. Fixing the model and STL: the STDC14 connector opening needs to be centered horizontally. 
  2. Sharing the 3D-model (e.g. STP file) used to generate the STL file to make it easy for customers to modify it for use in test and factory fixtures.
  3. Share a 3D-model of the MINIE itself - again to help customers incorporate it into other mechanical fixtures. 


ST Employee

Thank you @DAlbe.3 for your feedback. We've got now all data to complete the new zip package and publication on