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NUCLEO H743, troubles with ADC and LWIP

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I am currently working on a project involving transferring data acquired with an ADC through ethernet.

Im am using the STM32H743 MCU.

I have been building small projects using LWIP, and was able to connect to the board, ping and transmit some array data through Ethernet. However, once i enable any of the ADCs, I cannot connect to the board for some reason. There is no error during debug or anything, but I am no longer able to communicate with the board.

I have had similar problems in the past with interrupts interacting weirdly with LWIP, I know this middleware is know for having some flaws.

I wanted to know if anyone has had similar issue with LWIP and ADC, and even better if a solution is known.


I thank you in advance.



What is your ADC setup? Sounds like the system might be getting swamped with interrupts once ADC gets turned on. Lower sample rate.


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Associate II

It is a regular conversion triggered by software, I should not even be launching conversions at this point.

I disabled ADC interrupts for the moment.

If it isn't running, what does "enabling" mean here specifically then?

There's no fundamental issue with running LWIP/Ethernet and ADC simultaneously, so the solution will likely be specific to your code/board/setup.

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Associate II

"Enabled" means i simply enabled the ADC in the CubeIDE configuration panel. I uploaded a picture of my config below so you can see.




I indeed suspect there is something wrong with my setup but cannot pinpoint it.

I managed to make the ADC module work without problem in the past, so my best guess is that I messed up something with the LWIP.