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I'm a complete newbie. If your goal was to learn about MCU operation in general and it was a requirement that you could display, on a PC, the contents of MCU registers, what ST products do you think would you buy?

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I think I need some kind of evaluation board with ST-Link. Would it matter in your choice, if the design goal was to produce a WAV pl;ayer using an MCU?

EDIT: Not sure whether I've chosen the right forum.

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You can use the free STM32CubeIDE which is a full featured developement environment, with project examples for many use and MCU:

For a cheap development board, with ST-LINK-V2.1 (programming and debug probe) have a look to NUCLEO boards:

For a WAV player choose a MCU with a dual DAC (for stereo).

And enough memory to use FatFs (To use a SD card for the WAV files).

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Hi. Thanks. On another subject, I'm dissapointed that my full name shows on the posting. I thought I'd see the nickname that the system allocated to me. Can my nickname be shown in the post I made, rather than my full name? Thanks. EDIT: Unless it's only me seeing my full name.

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The F4 discovery (based on the F407 MCU) has a basic wav player example application, at least the "old" Standard Peripheral Libs" based firmware package.

At least this Discover board has all the hardware you need for that application.

Don't no about Cube examples, not at all a fan of that.

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I'm assuming I can buy hardware which will allow me to (say) look into the registers associated with ADC & DAC. My main interest would in fact be with a DAC. So, any board would have to have a DAC peripheral on it.

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Hi. What I decided to do is to seperate the need to grasp MCU operation in general, from my project to create a WAV player. So, I've bought a book by Donald Norris called "Programming with STM32- Getting Started with the Nucleo Board and C/C++". I will buy the hardware and download the software that this book is talking about. Norris focuses on the STM32F302R8 MCU. After grasping how MCUs work in general, then my quest will be to determine what hardware to use for the WAV player, which won't neccessarily involve an ST sproduct.