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How to program clone ST-Link V2.1

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I am making my clone ST-Link v2.1 device using 128 KB STM32F103CBT6 mcu. Please help clarify as follows:


1) Do I need to set Boot 0 pin = 1 and Boot 1 pin = 0 in order to program the bootloader into the device?

2) Do I need to set Boot 0 pin = 0 and Boot 1 pin = 0 (don't care) in order to program the st-link v2.1 firmware into the device?

3) Where/How can I download the bootloader and the stlink v2.1 firmware from ST?

Help much appreciated.



1 + 2 : depends on : how you want to flash the F103 ? in bootloader mode or with st-link (or j-link , dap...)

3 . STM has no "free" or open source st-link firmware ; its only on the st-link adapters, you can buy from STM (or distributor ). So NO download with bootloader or stlink v2.1 firmware from STM .


But you can make another debug probe : cmsis DAP , Black Magic Probe


--- or search on github for st-link , you can find some clones there.

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Hi Asha,


Thank you for the reply. I have clone ST-Link v2 or ST-Link v2.1 (pendrive shape) that I am thinking about using it to program the bootloader and the ST-Link firmware into my going to be clone ST-Link v2.1 (I wish). Later, I will download the STM32 Cube Programmer for the purpose. The clone ST-Link comes with SWDIO, SWCLK, GND and 3V3 pins.

Any helps from you are much appreciated. Thank you.