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Grid connected inverter with  STM32H747I-DISCO


I would like to use STM32H747I-DISCO for grid-connected 3-phase converter applications. The reference command will be provided over an Ethernet port. That means control and connectivity are required for my application.

Can I use the STM32H747I-DISCO board for this purpose?

This board has a built-in Ethernet port. However, I did not find any specifications for the PWM and ADC pins.

Although the MCU has all of these features, does the board have an accessible pin for PWM and ADC functions?

I was looking for some STM32 products that give me similar features, like the C2000 F28388D control card.

I am very impressed with the STM32CUBEMX features. 

Please guide and advise. 





ADC and TIM/PWM pins would likely be exposed via the Arduino Shield connector. Check the board User Manuals, and Schematic (under CAD Resources). Pin level functionality can be found in the STM32H747 Data Sheet

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Thank you so much for your swift response. 

You mean the following connection:


The number of pins for ADC is insufficient only six (I need at least 10 ADC). However, MCU is very rich with the following features


The number of DIO pins is acceptable for the PWM application. However, ADC is limited. 

Also, the pin number is not shown to see its functionality. 

Could you guide me to increase the ADC pins?

Thank you so much again for your time and effort in replying my concern. 

Actually, I would like to buy it to start developing my application.