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COM LED remains red after download of file


Hi, recently I have had a overcurrent issue with my old stm32 Nucleo H7a3zi-q board, so I replaced it with a spare identical to the previous board, but now I am having two new issue.

One is that when I connect the reset pin to an external trigger with the external trigger not being power (I checked with a multimeter), it give me this fault as shown below. 


I have no idea what is wrong, so I unplugged the external trigger since it is not essential to the overall function. After I removed it, the program seems to be uploaded onto the board. 


But afterward, I went over to check on the COM LED. it remains red. And when I try to trigger one of the functions linked to the stm32 via computer gui, the function does not work. So now i am thinking that the program was not downloaded onto the board even though the console tells me that it downloaded successfully. Please let me know if yall have any ideas.