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how to get UID for multi ISO15693 tags in antenna area?

Associate III

Dear Sir,

I am using the RFAL driver and I would like to achieve reading multiple ISO15693 tags. How can I obtain the UID of multiple tags with RFAL driver?

thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

Dai Sai


Hi Dai Sai,

yes, you could just change RFAL_NFC_MAX_DEVICES to a higher number.

But when going towards so many tags maybe the better approach is the mentioned rfalNfcvPollerSleepCollisionResolution() where user needs to provide the memory.

Best Regards, Ulysses

Associate III

Dear Ulysses,

Thank you very much for your great help.

With your help, we realized multi tag access successfully. Up to 9 tags can be accessed in X-NUCLEO-NFC06A1 environment. I think 16 tags could be accessed in a larger antenna environment.

best regards

Dai Sai