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For POWERSTEP01 : while using STEPCLK/DIR mode as well as internal motion engine mode I would like to know


  1. Is there any speed limit or acceleration enforced in step/dir mode? 60min/s*1.67MHz/200st/128uSt = 3260RPM max speed theoretical. What about acceleration in this case?
  2. What is the thermal resistance junction to air with minimal copper footprint?
  3. What is the thermal resistance junction to air with 2oz 1in^2 copper plane?
  4. What is the reverse recovery time of the body diode in the internal H bridges of the POWERSTEP01?
  5. How will the output slew rate change as a function of Vs? It is specified in Table 11 for 48V, can you give the equivalent data for 30V and 36V?
  6. Are the dissipation levels for internal regulators typical values, or worst case? What are the conditions for these numbers?
  7. Under what conditions can the device operate at 10Arms of coil current? At 48V, I would estimate that is approximately 10W of dissipation in the device. Is that accurate?