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Associate II

Hi Team,

i am using STEVAL-MKBOXPRO and want to modify STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK BLE_SensorDemo code to increase the RF output power to its maximum 8dBm.

I found that this can be done modifying the file Users > sensor.c file in STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK\Projects\BLE_Examples\BLE_SensorDemo with line aci_hal_set_tx_power_level(1, 31).

However, code for example STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK\Projects\BLE_Examples\BLE_SensorDemo is provided only for EWARM and MDK-ARM software tools which are not free tools and that necessitate licenses.

I obtained a 14-day Free trial of IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm license, but the date is dead now ... and no more response from IAR.

So, my question is: does this code (BLE_SensorDemo) exists for STM Software tools like WiSE Studio or CubeIDE ? Or, how to migrate it ?

I mention that the modification of this code corresponds to the Expert Mode of STEVAL-MKBOXPRO ... which should be accessible without any additional cost.

I also precise that i am teacher at University, that this project is for education and that my budget is limited.

I'll appreciate any suggestions to help me compile this example with any free tool.

Regards, Christian

Associate II

Hi all,

i finally suceed to install Keil MDK Community µVision V5.40.0.0 and compile example STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK\Projects\BLE_Examples\BLE_SensorDemo ...

However and now, after flashing the BLE part of STEVAL-MKBOXPRO with BLE_SensorDemo ... my module is no longer Bluetooth visible by the ST BLE Sensor Classic app on iPhone ... and finally does not work.

Other point, when i flash the module with the dtm.bin file found in STSW-MKBOXPRO-FS , see , now it works.

So, i conclude (maybe ?) that code STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK\Projects\BLE_Examples\BLE_SensorDemo and STSW-MKBOXPRO-FS are different ?

Does anybody can confirm me this point ?

And finally where to find the code corresponding to the dtm.bin file in STSW-MKBOXPRO-FS ?

Thanks in advance, Christian