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Why doesn't the SensorTile show up when scanning with bluetooth?

Associate II

Hi, I am developing a STM32L476JG using a STM32 Nucleo for analysis of raw accelerometer data. I wanted to use the ST BLE Sensor app to do some testing, but I am not able to get the device to show up on the list of Bluetooth devices on the app. The battery is charged, and I have tried to connect with my phone when the device is connected to the Nucleo (which is connected to my laptop) as well as on its own. Something that may point to the problem is that the orange LED on the device is a solid color and not blinking, like most guides say it should.

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Is the device actually advertising?

Is it seen by any other BLE "scanner" apps on the phone?

Is it seen by any other phones?

Are you sure it isn't connected to another phone?

It is not detected by any of the BLE scanner apps on my phone or my coworker's, and it isn't showing up on the list of Bluetooth devices in the area. It definitely isn't connected to another phone, but it has been paired to one before.

sounds like it's not advertising, then.

Do you know if there any way to fix this issue?