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Which sampling frequency should be used in the Debug/DataInjection tool in the UNICO GUI?



I am currently working on the LSM6DSOX iNemo Inertial Module to collect acceleration data and steps.

To properly configure the Pedometer inside it, I decided to make some measurements with the module and, at the same time, manually count the number of performed steps. Then, by exploiting the UNICO GUI Regression Tool, I used the collected data to extract a .ucf file, and I wanted to test it with the Debug/Datainjection Tool inside UNICO GUI.

Since the Regression Tool required data with a 26 Hz sampling frequency, can I use the Debug Tool with a different sampling frequency (e.g., 208 Hz)? In that case, do I need to add the lines of code in the .ucf file that switch on the accelerometer at that sampling frequency?

Are there any other lines of code that must be added to the .ucf file to make everything work in the Debug Tool? If I directly use the .ucf file, the number of detected steps is always equal to zero (the pedometer and accelerometer seem to be not enabled).

Finally, which configuration is uploaded to the Inertial module when the "Pedometer Easy Configuration" button is pressed?

Thanks in advance for your help