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What's the data latency and g-sensitivity for LSM6DSO32?



Me and my team are currently working on project which include LSM6DSO32 sensor. There's two parameters that don't seem to be listed in datasheet or application note:

1) Data latency [ms] - time between the moment the sensors are sampled and the moment the IMU starts transmitting the frame with those sensor data

2) g-sensitivity or linear acceleration effect [deg/hr/g] - how much linear accelerations affect readings from gyroscopes

Do anyone have found that information in documentation or maybe measured it somehow?

ST Employee

Hi @RNawr.1​ ,

For the first question, the latency can be considered negligible in terms of capability to correctly map the physical world. The ADCs clock is >5MHz, sampling 16-bit data for 3x2 axis, meaning >100kSamples/s. The digital dsp's latency is negligible. LSM6DSO32 band is max 6.66kHz.

For the second point, I'm not sure to have caught the request. Do you mean the rejection of the gyroscope to acceleration stimuli (vibrations)? Also in this case the measure is negligible, since the gyroscope is driven at high frequency and this make the device almost immune to liner acceleration along the 3 axis (moreover, the x-axis is calibrated in production), and the frequency mismatch is notched.